Creating A Chic Yet Functional Nursery

Having a well-designed nursery is important because you and your baby will be spending majority of the time there. Sure you will take the baby in your room for the first few nights, but after a while, the nursery is needed for most of the activities of your child. Here are some ways on how you can create a stylish and practical nursery that will help you and you baby relax.

1. Simple and Safe:

Babies do not have the capability to defend themselves with their small bodies and underdeveloped motor skills. As a parent, it is up to you to provide them a safe environment. When designing a nursery, the safety and comfort should be considered first before the other factors. Sharp objects should be removed, and everything should be child-proof including the toys and bedding. Even the paint on the wall should be free from harmful chemicals.

2. Cheap but Classy:

People have this thinking that everything stylish always comes from designer boutiques and baby stores. While pieces coming from those places seem interesting, they cost too much and are impractical, especially if you have a baby. What individuals do not realize is sometimes, they can find the most amazing nursery decorations right in their own home. Use a family keepsake to decorate the walls, or if you are adept in craft making, then a good suggestion is to make your own.

3. Storage Area:

The baby’s diaper, clothing, bottles, and toys should all be organized accordingly. Aside from the conventional cabinet, you can try using a large chest that can double as a changing table. That way, everything will look neat and stylish, yet functional.

4. A Place for You:

The nursery is not only for the baby, but the parents too. You will read, change diapers, and simply bond with your child in that place so it should be comfortable enough. A daytime bed or a plush sofa should be placed near or next to the bed. You can relax or sleep on it while telling stories, looking over your child, or even when nursing him.

An ideal nursery need not be expensive, or full of designer things. Even a simple one without much embellishment will give you the same function. As long as you and your baby feel safe, comfortable, happy, and fully rested when you are in the nursery, then it is the perfect place to be, no matter how small or cheap.