Different Doors for Diverse Styles

Different people have varying preference when it comes to a variety of things ranging from what clothes to wear to how they decorate their homes. Even the style of the front door can be subjected to a debate because of contrasting personalities and taste. In order to help you decide, here are the front doors you can choose from in accordance to your cup of tea and chosen period.

Country Living

When country style is mentioned, one immediately thinks of oak furniture’s and cozy ambiance. For this reason, the traditional barn door is the most ideal front door that you should use. Aside from the wooden material it is made with, the barn door lends a laid back appeal to any home. Also, it easily attracts attention because it is not commonly seen nowadays.

Victorian Style

The Victorian era screams of sophistication and complexity. This is also the time when pocket doors were popularized so if you want to veer towards this style, then you already know what door to use. In addition to that, pocket doors are perfect for small apartment and homes because of its “magical” disappearing ability.

Modern Times

If you are more of a contemporary person who loves to live in the present and future instead of the past, there is no better front door to utilize than glass doors. It is clean cut, polished and perfect for a futuristic person like you. Get it in a sliding door to increase its appeal. Worried about privacy and safety? Use a superb and durable glass complete with smoky effect.

Eastern Custom

Westerners who love the Eastern culture can easily get the look by using a Feng Shui front door. It can be constructed with wood, comes in red color, and designed with beautiful markings.

There you have it, different doors for varying period, style, and tastes. For more ideas, you can easily search their pictures on different blogs and sites like this one. Do not forget to add a touch of your personality when designing your chosen door to make it more unique and desirable to every lucky soul who sees it.