Cool Swimming Pool Detail Ideas

A pool is a gorgeous addition to your property. Because you are lucky enough to have one, naturally you want the best details to go with it not only to make your pool more interesting, but to give the guests something to talk about when they visit. Here are some superb details that you can include in your beloved pool area.

1. Built In Sun Chair

A healthy shade of tan for your body is not only achieved on the pool side, but in the pool itself. A built in sun chair makes it highly possible. This is ideal if you live in a humid area and soaking the rays of the sun also means getting sticky and sweaty immediately. You can just sit back and relax while submerged in the water. It looks very unique and is highly functional too.

2. Shallow Edge

Have this built in your pool if you love to lounge on the side while dipping your feet in the water. This recreates the feeling of being on the beach, plus it is very pleasing to the eyes. Not all pools have a shallow edge so yours will definitely standout.

3. Interesting Tiles

Pool tiles tend to be boring and lifeless. The great thing about it is there is no rule saying that you cannot have one with interesting patterns, colors, and shapes. Play with the tiles a little and see what you can come out with. Just make sure that you are still able to see the water clearly, as well as the people who are swimming to prevent an accident.

4. Wacky Shapes

When you think of a pool, you will imagine a rectangular shaped edifice filled with water. To veer away from the norm, try getting one in a circular, oblong, l-shaped, or any other shape that you can think of. This will of course depend on the shape and size of your property as well as the outcome you want.

Pools are great to have in your property to begin with, but the details stated above will make it even better. Seeing that you have the resources as well as the budget to have your own pool, why not spend a teensy bit more on polishing its details. After all, you will use it for a long time so you have to keep it fabulous.