Thermal Water Promotes Stabilization of Damaged Epidermal Skin Barrier

For the last ten years in dermatology is being increasingly used thermal water, whether it is a thermal water spray that is applied directly to the skin of the face or other basis of dermocosmetic preparations. In numerous studies proved its effectiveness and, among other things, promotes stabilization of damaged epidermal skin barrier, reducing irritation to the skin and restores softness.

Ever since antiquity

Healing effect of thermal water has been known since ancient times, but the wide use of thermal water for therapeutic purposes, as well as applications in everyday skin care, began with the technological development. Thermal water reacts excellently with different skin types and during stressful days is the right choice for refreshment and calm epidermal layer.

Rescue for irritated skin

Thermal water spray is applied, is hypoallergenic, bacteriological pure, odorless, and can be used from an early age and it is usually the basis for the treatment of sensitive and irritated skin. Permanent and unchanging composition provides anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-irritation that has been proven numerous clinical trials in collaboration with teams of dermatologists.

Some of the negative factors

In short: the main disadvantages of pools is fact that they are crowded and the possibility of getting skin or vaginal infections is an option, as well as the possibility of drying out the skin if not adequately nurture, but you will not get those things from water, you will get them from benches, locker rooms and things like that.

It is advisable to use thermal water as a first step in skin care , the final step in cleaning facial skin is used for daily care , and makeup fixative , protects against free radicals , anti -inflammatory , soothes and softens the skin , reduce itching , used during therapy and may be used by all generations .