4 Ways to Enhance Your Foyer

In most homes, upon entering, you will be immediately greeted by the living room. Foyers or entryways are rarely seen, especially in small apartments and houses. If you are fortunate to have one, hurray for you because you have been giving an extra space to decorate and unleash your creativity. Having a hard time? Just read the steps below and enhance your foyer in a matter of hours.

Tip#1: Give A Glimpse of What’s To Come

Homeowners usually set a theme for their house. Whether you are veering towards the Victorian, country style, eastern, minimalist, or modern design, the foyer should immediately tell the guest regarding the personality of the resident and the style of the house. That way, the guests will be welcomed appropriately and feel more excited about your place.

Tip#2: Create a Focal Point

Too many decorations will sour the mood you are trying to create. The eyes will also have trouble settling for a design, and this will create confusion. That is why creating a focal point from the start is recommended. It may be a table with a vase in the middle of the entryway, or even a painting or artwork of some kind. Either way, it must draw the attention of the guests.

Tip#3: Separate the Mud Room

Entryways are meant to be enjoyed and appreciated. Turning it into a mudroom may destroy that illusion, but that does not mean that you should forgo it all together. You should still have one in your house, and it can be located near the foyer.

Tip#4: Use the Light To Your Advantage

Mansions usually houses a large chandelier in the foyer. If you do not have the budget for one or think that it is too exaggerated for the size of your house, then go for a smaller yet beautiful looking lighting which you can hang on the entryway.

Foyers are an added bonus in any house because of the extra leg room it provides. Make use of it properly and decorate it to satisfy your family members and visitors. Do not worry because the ideas stated are not expensive and can be done easily.