Easy Ways to Maintain Wood Flooring

Wood is a great medium that can be used for literally anything inside and out of your property. It can be a cabinet, a counter, shelf, an accent, sculpture, and in most cases, flooring for your home. If you are one of the thousands of people who have wood flooring in your house, then naturally you are seeking for ways to clean and maintain it. However great wood is it is still delicate and should be treated as such. With that in mind here are easy ways on how you can maintain it.

  1. The first rule of thumb when it comes to wood is thou shall not soak it with water. Wood and water seldom mix, and you do not want that wood to look ugly, get damaged, and with it, all the money that you spent to go down the drain. When your child or members of the family accidentally spill any form of liquid in it, immediately wipe it.
  1. If water is bad for wood, you are probably wondering how you can clean it. You have the vacuum and broom for that. Make it a habit to sweep it off regularly, as well as vacuum it to get rid of the dirt that you were not able to remove manually. If you really need to brush it, do it with a soft bristle. Also, there is a cleaner that is specially made for wood so use it as well.
  1. When you find yourself in the need to move your furniture around or reposition them for a new look, be careful not to scratch the wood flooring by lifting the furniture’s up and not merely dragging it around. This process will help protect your flooring while giving you a superb body in the process since it is considered a whole body workout.
  1. Next to water and dirt, high heels can greatly damage the integrity and appearance of your wood flooring. Ladies, wear it near the entryway, doing so will kill two birds at once since it will save your wood, and the heels from killing your feet early on.

Wood is beautiful, but it is sensitive and should be taken cared of to last a long time. Use the right cleaning products, and do not attempt to clean it with a new item prior to researching it. Wood flooring is an investment for your home, especially if you are planning to move houses and want to sell it for a high price.