Making Your Own Storybook Garden

Almost all homeowners want to have their very own storybook garden. Attaining this is easier than you think. All it takes is a bit of imagination, time, and effort, a little help from your family and friends, a reasonable budget, and a strong desire to accomplish this task no matter what it takes. Here are some ideas you can do to recreate a storybook garden for you property.

  • The Entrance: In fairy tales and storybooks, entering the garden means going to a magical place. In order to recreate this feeling, you need to fix your gate and entryway. An arched gate is always preferable for this type of scenario because stepping through will always give you an enchanting feeling. Carve your entryway with different symbols to add pizzazz.
  • The Walkway: After going through the bewitching gates, the main character in the book will now walk on an enthralling pathway. Most walkways in famous fairytales are either made with stones, bricks, or pebbles so you should use one of them to get your targeted look.
  • The Details: Trees, plants, and flowers are not the only things that make up a beautiful garden. Even the smallest of details affect its look. A storybook garden is not complete without the friendly creatures lurking in the corner. A garden statue or gnome will instantly give life to the garden and bring forth the lovable characters from the storybook.
  • The Oasis: Magical gardens such as the ones found in fairy tales have an oasis that adds charm and enchantment to the whole place. This where the fountains come in. Get one with a mermaid design because of its mythical nature and appearance. If you have the budget and resources, you can go as far as creating a man-made pond or waterfall in your garden.

A storybook garden may look enthralling to its beholders, but magic is certainly not needed when creating one. For more ideas, you can read different fairy tales that depicts the perfect epitome of a storybook garden. The design of your garden is only limited by your imagination, so do try to be creative in this one.