3D Printing for the Discerning Man Cave

In popular culture, the concept of the “man cave” has become a widespread phenomenon over the last decade, with TV shows and movies referencing it as if it were a sacred place. For many men, however, having a special room or area in the house where they can indulge in sports games, hobbies, and a few beers is very important. For those who enjoy the newest in tech or want to take your hobbies, whatever they are, to the next powered level, a 3D printer might be your next addition to the cave. Not only is it empowering to make your own stuff, its fun, easy and (relatively) fast. Here are a few ideas to get you started 3D printing for your man cave:

  1. Barware: In every cave, there should definitely be a mini-bar for beer, bourbon, or your favorite mixed drink. 3D printers can up the ante with a range of cool bar accessories that will give your room some extra class. For example, this free downloadable design for a Sword Bottle Opener will have you opening drinks and slaying imaginary beasts at the same time. It looks like a tiny sword, but by holding the blade and using the hilt as a fulcrum, it makes for an effective opener. To go one step further, print a few Koozies and drink your brews in style. Customize and hit print with a new set for every Sunday game, themed to that week’s rivals.
  1. Playstation Clock: Videogames are another essential part of any man cave, but what about the original Playstation that’s gathering dust in your closet? With just two printed parts and a set of clock hands, you can turn your old console into an amazing retro clock. First, download the free design files for a wall mount and center disk, which keeps the clock movement correct as it hides behind a shiny game CD. Next, you can purchase a set of clock hands on eBay for only a couple of dollars. Attach your clock hands to the CD, unscrew the frame of your PS1, and then secure the clock piece to the console via the 3D-printed wall mount.
  1. Chess Set: Going hand-in-hand with the bourbon, a 3D-printed chess set will make your cave extra suave. There are a variety of different designs (both free and paid) available online, from a minimalist board with slender pieces to a design inspired by conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp’s handmade chess set. Only one original exists, which Duchamp created for personal use after becoming a chess journalist. By examining photos of the one-of-a-kind set, the artists Scott Kildall and Bryan Cera were able to replicate the entire board with a 3D printer. It’s a gorgeous design — you can find their open-source file and the full back-story on Duchamp here. Then, set aside some space in your cave for late-night chess sessions.