What is the Best Concept for Your Pool and Spa?

When you are building a backyard pool and spa, the first thing that you will think about is the theme or concept. The concept usually revolves around two main ideas- symmetrical and asymmetrical. To help you decide which one is the best choice, let’s dig deeper into each type.

Symmetrical Theme

This is considered as an easy approach to constructing a backyard pool and spa. It also brings contrast between the elements and the landscape. The most common designs include straight lines and rectangular motifs. Soft and light materials work best in this kind of concept as they can provide a neat look for the yard. Universal designs like geometrical shapes can create appealing looks for the entire place.

Asymmetrical Theme

If you are an individualistic type of person, then the asymmetrical concept will work best for you. This theme showcases abstract shapes and designs. For instance, if you want to incorporate a rocky background, you can bring this to life by setting up seats with carved designs on it. You can also place a hot tub in a corner for additional enjoyment and decor. For the spa facilities, you can hang colorful drapes for privacy purposes and sun protection. You can also install colorful umbrellas for extra shade.

When deciding on the theme, it is very important that you weigh your needs and preferences. Ask the help of a contractor so he or she can help you in choosing the appropriate one. Don’t forget to put your creative skills in action so that you can achieve the look that you truly want.