Exterior and Interior Doors: The Advantages of Fiberglass

If you are looking to install new doors on your property, there are a number of important reasons to consider installing doors made of fiberglass. While many property owners immediately think of wood or steel when considering door materials, fiberglass is another advantageous option. In fact, there are many reasons to recommend fiberglass doors over wood or steel alternatives. For a business or home’s exterior doors in particular, fiberglass can be the best possible choice, but fiberglass can be more beneficial even in the case of interior doors. These doors can be less expensive in the long run, in addition to being stylish and secure.

Exterior Doors

Fiberglass is an especially useful option in the context of exterior doors. If you are a home or business owner seeking entryways that are both attractive and secure, these doors can take care of both of these needs. Whatever the color scheme of the building, fiberglass doors can be made to match, and can even by designed to mimic the look of wood grain, unlike steel doors. These doors are also highly secure, and much more difficult to infiltrate than wooden doors, making them ideal for any exterior entryway. Compared to wooden doors, fiberglass alternatives can also considerably cut down on building heating and cooling costs by providing far superior insulation.

Interior Doors

In addition to being a great option for exterior doors, fiberglass affords all of the same advantages for interior doors. While perhaps security is less of a necessity for doors within the building, there are also other reasons to choose fiberglass for interior doors. Fiberglass entryways are also more difficult to scratch, scuff, or otherwise damage than other most other common door materials. This makes their upkeep costs comparatively minimal, saving you both money and hassle. What is more, each fiberglass door can be stained or painted to match the aesthetic of a given room, which can be a fun way to add color and character to any room.

The Best of Both Worlds

In the end, fiberglass doors offer a lower maintenance, higher security option when compared to the other common door materials, particularly steel and wood. For businesses and homes alike, these doors can be finished in the color and look of your choice, making for a building that has an attractive interior and exterior alike. In addition, these doors can trap warm or cool air, thereby helping to reduce your heating and cooling expenses. The next time you are in the market for new doors, be sure to keep the many advantages of fiberglass in mind.