Steps in Extending the Life of Water Heaters

Performing regular maintenance of water heaters is very important and easy to do as well. With the years that you are using the unit, sediment will most likely be accumulated at the bottom of the water tank. When this happens, the unit will have a difficult time heating the water. So, here are some tips that could help.

1. Flush out the water

The first thing to do is to shut the water inlet off. After which, you must remove the water in the tank. Do this by simply attaching a hose at the bib located at the bottom of the water tank. After draining the tank, fill it up about one-fourth of the way. Repeat several times to remove the sediment and you can use it again.

2. Check for ventilation

When looking for water heaters, make sure that a vent has been installed at the base. This is necessary for bringing in oxygen, which is important for the heating process.

  • 3. Prolong the unit’s life
  • If you want to determine the number of years you heater will be able to serve you, then you must have an anode rod installed at the top of the water heater. This rod is usually made out of magnesium located inside a steel wire. It works by protecting the tank from rust, because basically the corrosion happens on the rod itself. Check this rod every now and then and replace it when necessary.

    By doing these tips, you will surely enjoy the benefits that you can get from your water heater. You can ask the help of people whose expertise focuses on water heaters; ask for some techniques that you can use to take good care of the unit. Now, you can say goodbye to cold showers!