5 Tips for Revamping Your Garage

Do you spend more time in your garage than your bedroom? Is your workspace full of strewn tools, half-finished projects and other signs of busyness and industry? Here are just five ways to get things back on track with a refurbished, rejuvenated and revamped garage.

1. Improve Your Lighting

This simple initiative can completely transform the atmosphere of your garage. Install florescent light bars along your ceiling; bring in adjustable lamps for engine or desk work; install a skylight so you can get a boost of solar power, too. The options are endless, but they’ll all be improvements.

2. Fix Your Floors

Say goodbye to your grimy floors that have accumulated years of filth. By installing the newer, cleaner kind, especially the kind that comes with scratch-resistant paint or waterproof tiling, you’ll be breathing new life into your garage and preventing the same kind of messiness from ever infiltrating your space again.

3. Create Zones

If you start a lot of different projects in your garage, you might want to divide your floor space into “zones” depending on the type of work they inspire. For example, your “motorcycle zone” can include your Harley and all of your motorcycle garage accessories, and your “home improvement” zone can include the tools you most often use in the kitchen.

4. Make Your Workbench the Centerpiece

Your workbench is where you spend the most of your time, so it’s common sense to revolve the rest of your garage around it. For example, you might align your toolbox with your right hand while you’re standing over your workbench, or you might position your lights so they all illuminate whatever blueprints and engine designs you usually examine sitting down.

5. Utilize Vertical Storage Space

Your walls are a great place to store things. If you haven’t yet installed hooks, baskets, shelves and tool boards, you’re letting all of that space go unused while clutter accumulates on your floor. You can even invite your ceiling to the party! Just put a few metal beams up there and let them support the weight of plastic bins and bags.

These are just five ways to improve your garage. It doesn’t matter if you’re working out of a single room or an expansive, well-lit man cave: All garages could use a little TLC, so follow these guidelines and give it the attention it deserves as your workspace.