The Beauty of Metal

When thinking of metal, most individuals think of its common forms of use in the kitchen, bathroom and foundation and outdoors of your home; however, metal has many different intriguing applications. In fact, it is often used in some of today’s most noted artistic expressions. Here are a few of the most common, beautiful uses of metal.


Throughout history sculptures have been made of or layered with precious metals. In biblical days, many statues were constructed of pure gold and silver. With the durability of metal, many of these artifacts have stood the test of time. There are also more modern pieces, such as “Cloud Gate” and “The Picasso” that are also made of metal, which will allow them to last for generations to come.


As with sculptures, many monuments and famous buildings are also created of some form of metal. From the Eiffel Tower in France, to Big Ben in England, and even to the Statue of Liberty in the United States, metal is favored due to its resilience and its non-rusting characteristic.

Modern Art

Over the years art has evolved and come to encompass various forms of expression. One such expression is art pieces that contain or are fully constructed of metals. Artists use these metals to bring a breath and depth to their pieces like no other.

Metal has many different uses, including beautiful sculptures, infrastructures and art pieces that can beautifully compliment your home. Check out the infographic below for some interesting facts and more uses for metal.

Daily Dose Of Metal – Infographic

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