Tips for Choosing the Right Colors for One’s Home

Whether moving in to a new home or redecorating an older place, choosing the right colors is very important. Color sets the mood and energy level of the home and should be consistent throughout all the rooms. Not many want to keep the basic whites and beiges that are typically painted in new construction, but most do not know where to begin. While consulting with an interior design expert can greatly help, these four ideas will also give individuals a place to start as they consider the best colors for their own homes.

Match Colors to an Existing Piece

Many homeowners already have a large piece that stands out, such as an area rug, a couch or a painting. Pulling one or two colors from this piece means not only that paint colors and accent colors will match the main piece but also that individuals are sure to love the colors. In addition, pulling at last two colors out of the piece will ensure that the area is harmonious.

Start in Formal Living Areas

The best place to start when choosing interior colors is in a formal room, such as the living room. The entryway is another great jumping off point. After choosing two to three colors for one of these spaces, one can then pick out one tone and play off that for the rest of the rooms. This color can be toned down or accented by new colors, but it will help to ensure that the home is cohesive.

Study the Color Wheel

On the other hand, some people may have no problem choosing one main color that they love, such as blue or red. However, they may have issues when they try to choose accent colors to supplement it. Choosing colors that are next to each other on the color wheel is a great way to play it safe. For example, blue and green are next to each other; these colors can create a relaxing atmosphere. Red and orange or yellow are also next to each other and can be used together to create a vibrant space.

Look in the Closet

Those who have no idea where to start can head to their closets. Chances are they will find a majority of their favorite clothes feature one or two main colors. Some may find that they favor neutral hues while others may discover racks of brightly hued or pastel materials. This is a great way to determine what color will be safe yet enjoyable for that person.

It can be difficult to know where to start when choosing paint, furniture or accent colors for a room. Many stick with basic shades to avoid picking a color that they will later regret. However, branching out into exotic colors or bolder hues can really pay off in the end. One of the best options is to start with a piece or a color set that one already likes. This could be as simple as looking at a favorite painting or imagining a favorite place one likes to visit. For example, Steve Wynn’s home colors are designed around the Mediterranean, a favorite boating and vacationing location for his family. Whether one wants to use calming hues or an energizing palette, color is what really brings a home to life.