Kitchen Renovations: What Not To Do

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is not only the place where the best cook in the family prepares good meals, but it is also a primary traffic zone for other domestic events. Kids sit at counters to finish homework; parents use kitchen spaces to write monthly checks for bills; and people choose to have the important conversations that shape family history in the kitchen. For these reasons, materials for remodeled kitchens must be both decorative and durable. The success of any Manhattan kitchen renovation rests in knowing which of the following mistakes to avoid.

Never Remove Your Best Elements

Updating a kitchen is more than a matter of stripping and removing old surfaces and adorning the space with something new. Consider how your kitchen will be primarily used and how you want the space to feel. You may already have something in your kitchen that has the potential to drive your renovation project. Unique design ideas sometimes lurk in the fixtures that have been around you every day.

Plan for the Space Above Cabinets

Kitchens that consider storage in unusual places make the best use of space. Many kitchens place cabinets far below the ceiling, for example, and the space above the cabinets simply collects dust. During renovation, it may be a good idea to move cabinets higher, closer to the ceiling. The extra space beneath the cabinets can be used for spice racks, under cabinet can openers or small art. It can stand as free space to make the kitchen look more open and less cluttered.

Do Not Overdo Small Kitchens

Small kitchens already suffer for breathing room. It is best to simply accept that a small kitchen makeover will not accommodate every idea you have ever had for a kitchen. Sticking with simple colors, clean lines and small accessories will give the space all the character it needs.

The best designs people choose during kitchen renovations are the ones that reflect who they are at the core. They enable people to cook in the ways they are accustomed to cooking and allow families to respect and enjoy the space. Refurbishing consultants may be able to give you trend pointers and pass on helpful hints to make the most of your ideas and your budget. They follow your lead, though. Make sure you lead them to all the things that authentically reflect who you are.