Household Cleaning Tips and Ideas

A house is the place where you require warmth and comfort. It is a place that you expect peace and less stress after a hard day’s work. To accomplish this is to make your house sparkling clean. Keeping your house clean while living there also makes it much easier to list and sell, should you decide to move to a new home. They say cleanliness is next to godliness. When your house is clean, you will feel good and notice that you spend a lot of time in the house. Who wants a dirty house and we all know what dirt is associated with.

Areas to clean around the house

Now that you know your ways around the house, you could know places around the house that require cleaning. Take the living room, in case there is a carpet, you can take it out to remove dirt then vacuum it. The windows and all the mirrors in the house can be cleaned with vinegar and some old newspapers. In the kitchen, areas to clean are the refrigerator, microwave, oven, plates. For the refrigerator, use baking soda and water, the microwave is cleaned using steam that clears the dirt stuck on the wall. For the bathroom, use lemon oil to shine the bathroom tiles. Lemon oil prevents mold and mildew. The toilet and bathtub are cleaned thoroughly using antibacterial or spray cleaner.

Women can do it better

Using Ajax, hand gloves and brush, women are said to love doing it. Cleaning to them is a sense of accomplishment. This is because there is an end product. They say it calms the mind. Cleaning makes one feel at peace. Some doctors use it as therapeutic task. It is also a way that makes them stay in control and a stress reducer.

A clean house free of dirt and germs drives away sickness. Children are prone to colds and flu due to dust that is in their surrounding and this is the reason their surrounding should be clean. Therefore we should all strive to be clean.