The Green Beauty of a Garden

If you walk around the neighborhood you will notice that those houses that strike out are the houses with beautiful gardens. The garden is the conclusion of a house. Imagine a house minus a garden you immediately notice that there is something amiss. A garden brings a cool and warm atmosphere.

How to get a beautiful garden

Before anything else you have to start by planning for your garden. Use the computer to design a patio-side and a whole yard. With the computer create trees, shrubs and flowers and then add buildings to make it complete.

How then do we go about creating a garden

Now that you have an idea of what you want, start by taking into account the type of soil in your compound then consider the size and the plants to be planted. Next, plan the garden by going through gardening magazines or books and check with any agricultural agent which plants suit the yard and if they are friendly to children or not. After settling on the right plants, purchase the equipments you will use for making the garden then get to create it.

The marvel when creating the garden

Mark the area of the garden, dig the soil and use the wheelbarrow to remove it. Get rid of the weeds and once the area is cleared then mix pit moss with garden soil and spread it over the area. Plant your flowers and vegetables next. When through, water your plants and continue watering so that the soil around the plants settles to avoid the roots drying up.

Coming up with a garden needs a dedicated person and a lover of the environment. A beautifully tended garden is a beauty to behold and with the vegetables fresh from the garden you are assured of proper vitamins which are very vital to your body.