Color Your World, Start With The Bedroom

A place devoid of color is boring, rigid, and simply no fun at all. That is why if you want a cozy space that you can call your own, and not something akin to a hospital ward, you will color your room right now. Here are some tips and tricks on how to do it. Tips to have a colorful room:

  1. Take advantage of the walls- The bedroom walls are there for a reason other than giving you privacy and separating your space from the rest of the house. It is there so you can color it with paint or wallpaper. Doing the latter will not only make the room lively, it can also personalize it to suit your style. Since this is the bedroom walls we are talking about, avoid neon colors because it may not help you relax. Instead, opt for calming hues like blue, yellow, etc.
  2. Make the bed your masterpiece- The bed is the centerpiece of the room. With that in mind, make it your goal to beautify it, treating it as a masterpiece instead of merely just something to sleep on. Utilize colorful bed sheets, comforters, and pillowcases. The right blend of colors on the bed will instantly perk up your space. You can always go for subtle hues, but make sure to inject a dash of color here and there.
  3. Funky furniture’s at your disposal- Most often than not, bedroom furniture’s are seen in white, brown, or black hues. While the following may seem elegant and “mature,” they are not exciting at all. Why not experiment with other colors for your furniture? You may like the outcome after all. Besides, you can always put it back to its original color if you do not like it.
  4. Room accessories complete the package- Finally, we have the accessories. Clocks, mirrors, pen holders, lamps, plus so much more can add color to the room. Do not be afraid to include them in the equation if you think the room is too simple.

You can do all of the above, or just one or two tips to liven up the bedroom with color. As that area is your personal space, do not leave it sad looking and boring. At the end of the day, your room reflects who you are.