Choosing A Clock Design For Your Child’s Room

Everything and everyone is dependent on time, so as early as now, it is important to teach your children about it. This can only be achieved by reinforcing its concept inside the house, and in their very room. The right design will not only make it easier for your kid to learn, but enhance their rooms aesthetic too.

Early Learners:

  • Analog is better- Children who are just beginning to grasp the concept of time will benefit from an analog type of clock. Digital clocks are easier to read, however it will not really help their case because it is just like teaching your kids how to cheat. The latter is just a shortcut, whilst analogs will force your children to memorize everything, from the look of the numbers, to learning how to read a positioned clock hand.
  • Simple and clean- A white background or clock face, coupled with clear and large numbers will help your kids with the learning process. Yes it may seem too clinical or industrial for children, but it does the job. Besides, you can always switch to a colorful clock once they learn how to understand reading the time.

Kids Who Know Their Time:

  • Colorful and fun- Now that your children are somewhat experts at telling the time; let the fun begin. If you want, you are free to dispose of the simple clock located in their room (or place it somewhere else) and replace it with brighter looking pieces. When doing so, you can ask your children what they want for the design. You can go with novelty themed clocks, or plain colorful ones. Anyway you choose, make sure that your kids will have fun when looking at it.
  • Don’t forget the alarm- Alarm clocks are very important, especially if your child is older. Having one in their room will teach them how to wake up without your assistance, hence making them more responsible.

When choosing a clock for your children, always keep in mind that you are not the one who is going to use this, but your kids. The design and type should be largely dependent on their clock/time reading level and not your taste alone.