Why You Need to Repair Cracks In Basement Walls Right Away

Cracks can be seen in almost any concrete driveway and sidewalk after they have been in use a few years. This is not really a major concern, but having concrete cracks in the walls of your basement is another story. The damage and safety concerns it can lead to make this type of repair an important task for the near-future.

Water Leaks

All large cracks in cement basement walls start out small and difficult to detect. It is only after moisture begins to seep through and the cracks widens, you begin to notice something is not right. It could initially be small amounts of water pooling on the floor after a heavy rain. Eventually you will see torrents of water coming through this crack during heavy rains. This can lead to serious foundation problems and tons of water damage in your home.

Dust and Dirt

The air that you breathe in the home also resides in the basement. The quality of the air in this area of the home will reflect the air you and your family take in on the other levels of a home. Cracks in the cement wall allow more dirt and dust to access and accumulate, which will eventually make it into your vents and HVAC system. This can directly increase allergy symptoms, clog up filters and result in a breakdown of your HVAC unit.

Mold and Mildew

Added sources of moisture infiltration to a basement is the perfect set-up for the growth of mold and mildew. Most basements have a little bit of a musty smell, but one that is getting a mold problem has a remarkably strong odor. Look for areas that have a layer of black or green mold. Tee most likely spots are corners and under benches, or around access doorways. If there is a sudden increase in mold growth, check the surrounding walls for signs of cracks.

Wall Instability

The concrete walls in a basement are part of the foundation of your home. Cracks, especially major ones, can compromise the stability of a wall and render the home unsafe to inhabit. You do not want to be inside a home that decides to collapse, even partially. It can dangerous, if not deadly. Serious cracks that bulge inwards, or have debris coming through need to be managed without delay.

Cracks Near Stairs

Basement walls that crack around the cement where stairs are attached should be of special concern. You do not want a family member to be on a set of stairs that suddenly detaches from the basement wall. This is a repair that should be made right away for the soundness of the stairs and safety of the family. Avoid using the basement stairs until a solid repair has been made.

Call on professionals in wall crack repair Buffalo NY if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your foundation. Make the safety of your home and family a priority!