4 Design Methods Personalizing Your Workspace

Have you ever sat in a bland cubicle or office and longed for the day to be over already? Most of the time, this is because your mind is drawn to the ticking clock and the blandness of your workspace. To lift your mood and make the time race by, use the following four design methods to personalize your office. Or, when in doubt, hire remodeling contractors for their keen experience and creative expertise.

Keep Your Favorite Flowers on Your Desk

They can be silk, or you can bring them in fresh on a weekly basis—the choice is yours. Flowers are pretty accents, but they also represent nature and remaining grounded through tough times. So, keep a beautiful bouquet on your desk to remind yourself that stress-free is the way to be. Choose your favorites, or go with symbolism, such as sunflowers for happiness, lilies for devotion, or daisies for cheerfulness.

Decorate with Bright, Mood-Boosting Colors

Colors can make a huge difference in the sway of your moods. When you are surrounded by darker colors, such as black or navy blue, your moods can take on a broody and sullen overtone. But when you surround yourself with vibrant, vivid colors, your moods are uplifted, especially when those are colors that you absolutely love. For example, red (of course) symbolizes love, but robin’s egg blue is geared more towards happiness and stress-free life. Keep your favorite colors around for a mood boost.

Keep Your Workspace Free of Clutter and Trash

Trash and clutter can make you feel…well, cluttered. Messy workspaces are the hardest on your moods, so strive to keep your desktop clean and clutter-free. Research and invest in some space-saving storage methods. Cleanliness makes you feel freer, like you have less to worry about. Whereas, a mess can bring your mood down, whether you realize it or not.

Hang Up Photographs of What You Love

Do you have children? Or, is your dog your one and only? How about cats, trains, polka dots, or mountains? You could love any number of these things, which makes all of them an instant mood boost and a great way to personalize your workspace. Use a length of laundry line and a few paperclips to hang pictures of what you love in your cubicle or office. This draped showcase of your favorite photos gives you plenty of space to work, while still highlighting your passions and interests.

There are hundreds more ways to personalize your workspace, so keep thinking and looking for inspiration. Use the aforementioned four design ideas as stepping stones to discovering the best designs to uplift your mood and customize your office, cubicle, and desktop.