Tips to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

First impression lasts, so if you want to attract some buyers you must make your front curb as appealing as possible. It’s quite easy actually so don’t worry.

Step 1

Stand from a distance, and look at your house in another person’s point of view. Notice what’s lacking and what needs some touch ups. You might want the help of a neighbor to better assess your curb.

Step 2

Paint your door. You wouldn’t believe the wonders paint does to your house. Just choose a color that compliments the front structure, pick something that adds drama to your home, and finish it with a glossy color to bring out the front door’s brightness.

Step 3

Change your old door knob; upgrade your door by adding a slamming door knocker. Make your door even more appealing on a distance by adding a wall mount lighting fixture. Hang big house number that go with the style of your house. You can also paint your mailbox and replace old welcome matt with attractive ones.

Step 4

Flowers!!! Nothing is more appealing than adding flower pots in front of your house. Place a pot garden in your window. Do some landscaping and plant colorful flowers because this will add drama to your house, it attracts more people and even buyers. Trim some bushes and lawns that dull your front curb.

Step 5

Clean your driveway and sidewalk get rid of asphalts and dust buildups using a power washer.

Admire your newly pimped front curb. When your have good landscaping that may increase the sales price of your home.