3 Ways: How to Paint your Basement Area

Painting your old-looking basement is more than just making it look new and functioning. It’s more of protecting it from further damage due to moisture buildup. Eventually, moisture buildup behind the concrete wall of your basement can cause damage to structure and accumulation of mold among others.

Preparing the Walls of your Basement

If you’re repainting your walls, it’s essential to remove the lingering paint. You can utilize a sand paper by rubbing it unto the wall or just use wire brush. Failure to remove the remaining paint will make the newly-painted wall to produce air bubbles or crack up or chip off.


Painting the primer to the wall is a must. However, only use the primer for masonry and concrete because it will stick on longer than the usual primer. The primer for masonry and concrete offers permanence and protection on your wall. When you apply the primer, apply it generously. Keep it dry for 24 hours.


Decide on a water-resistant paint for concrete surfaces. It’s critical to choose the water-resistant paint because it will serve as armor against moisture for your basement. Also, it has alkali-resistant ability for durability. For the color, stores for paint and home improvement sell diverse colors.

It is easy, isn’t it? All you have to do is buy the right paints and colors that will harmonize with the décor and design of your basement. Also, learn not to conform to your neighbor’s color of their basement. Why not paint your walls with pink or orange?

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