Common Mistakes People Do With Plumbing

The fact is you are just human. Sometimes you do several mistakes that severely damage the equipment, or even other people around you. Below are some of the errors that you can do when it comes to plumbing. Let it serve as a guide so you will not attempt such foolish acts, lest you want to pay a fine sum.

Behold The Toilet Dump

We get it, the unspeakable things you unload on your toilet bowl are none other than trash, and this is completely normal. However, dumping other things inside, e.g. toilet paper, sanitary napkin, cigarette, plastic, or even that mobile phone that you were holding a while ago is a no-no. In one way or another, they will clog your toilet bowl, and give you one hell of a headache.

Kitchen Oil Down The Drain

This method is just as bad as the first scenario. Dumping the kitchen grease on your sink drain can severely clog the whole piping system, maybe not today or tomorrow, but surely in a couple of weeks. Instead of doing this awful practice, consider recycling your oil. If that is not advisable, then place the grease on a tightly sealed canister and dump it where it belongs, in the trash. If you can find other alternatives to this, then be my guest.

Winter Is Here, Where’s The Hose?

Even a simple mistake such as forgetting the hose in your garden can lead to plumbing and piping disasters. A plugged hose will result in the freezing of the faucet and its components. In worst case scenario, the pipes may even bursts.

Playing Know It All

People love to master their lives, and tell themselves that they can do anything. While this applies to every aspect of life, it may not always work when it comes to plumbing. If you do not have training with it, and you do the hocus pocus on your system, expect that you will break it.
Humans make mistakes often, and you should not be ashamed of it. However, errors in your plumbing are unforgivable, especially after you have read this. Consider yourself warned and do not attempt the following.

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