Avoid Threats to Your Home’s Safety

Everyone wants to keep their family safe and protected. A large part of this depends on your home. You need to be inspecting your house routinely for any possible signs of danger. There are also steps you can take to help ensure that your family won’t fall victim to any type of disaster.

Hidden Dangers

There are several types of danger that can be hiding in your walls without you even being aware of them until it is too late. The first is bugs. Certain types of ants along with termites can destroy your home. Once these insects reach the main structural pieces of a house, you are facing some pretty expensive repairs. It can also make the structure unsafe. The second hidden danger that can be lurking in the walls is black mold. Mold can lead to several health problems for those that live in the house. Have your walls and basement routinely inspected for any signs of mold by a professional. If you need mold remediation Gainesville has many reliable companies that can help like the United Water Restoration Group.

Take Action

The house itself will protect you from the weather and provide you and your family with a comfortable living area, but it is up to you to take the necessary steps to ensure everyone’s safety. Have working smoke alarms on every level. Each bedroom should have its own alarm. Closed doors during the nighttime hours can make one single smoke alarm in the hallway inefficient. Change the batteries twice a year when you re-set the clocks. Put rescue ladders in upstairs rooms, and have an emergency kit on hand. This kit should hold everything you need if a tornado strikes or the power goes out. Include battery powered radios, flashlights, and first aid supplies. Create a plan of action for every possible disaster, and make sure every member of the family understands exactly what they are supposed to do.

Once you have inspected your home for any signs of danger and put in place the proper safety features your family needs, you will be able to rest assured that you have done all you can to help your house keep everyone in it safe and sound.

Best Preservation Methods For Utility Poles

Those that own utility poles, whether private individuals or companies of any size, know that caring for their poles is a very important aspect of ownership. There have been many studies concerning remedial treatments and their success rates in ensuring that the utility poles in question enjoy a long service life.

One of the most important steps in remedial treatment is groundline treatment. To be truly effective, the groundline treatment must possess certain characteristics. These include one of the ingredients of the treatment solution being able to penetrate at least three inches beyond the surface of the pole. This depth of treatment will ensure the maximum amount of protection against decay. Another important aspect is that the treatment solution applied must be able to remain in the wood for a period of time as specified by the length of the cycle. The final two aspects which are crucial are the need for the treatment to be able to control both soft rot and also control brown rot decay fungi and the ability to be mixed with biocides to provide a full spectrum of organism protection.

Pastes used to preserve the poles are especially popular as they are extremely easy to apply and provide a 100% level of complete coverage. Commercially available forms of preservative pastes are made to be waterborne, thus they are free from petroleum products. This is great as they do not succumb to the affects of gravity, or “slumping”, as it is otherwise known.

While pastes are easy to use, many a utility pole supplier prefer to use preservative bandages. Even though the bandages are more expensive than paste, they are viewed as less time-consuming to apply than is paste. This is an advantage if there are many poles to be treated, however, there is the risk of incomplete coverage when bandages are used. Therefore, they mus be applied very carefully, preferably by trained professionals.

By using quality and time-tested methods of preservation, the lifespan of usability will be greatly lengthened and the need for replacement will be greatly reduced.

How To Clean Your Home After Water Damage

Water damage after a flood can be devastating. Not only do you have to worry about the loss of your possessions, but there’s the added fear of the water causing permanent damage to your home. You home is not only where you and your family live, but an investment in and of itself.

While there’s oftentimes nothing you could have done to prevent the flood, there are often things you can do to minimize the amount of damage that occurs in the aftermath. If you’re dealing with a flood in your home, take a deep breath and keep reading this guide on what you should do next.

Turn Off The Electricity In Affected Areas

You probably don’t need to be told that electricity and water are a bad combination. Remember, water can carry an electrical current, which means that if the electricity is still on in a flooded area, you run the risk of serious injury. Shut off the power to any areas that have been flooded before you begin your attempts to salvage your belongings.

Open Windows If Possible

Some basements may not have windows that can be opened. However, if you do have windows open in any areas that have been flooded, open them. You want to get as much airflow to these areas as possible. Of course, don’t open any windows if it’s still raining outside.

Start Grabbing Electronics

The sad truth of the matter is that most electronics will not be salvageable if they’ve been submerged in water. However, it’s still a good idea to pull all the electronics from the area and put them somewhere where they can dry out. Never attempt to test an electronic if you think there’s even a chance that there might still be water inside. You want to let all electronics sit in a well-ventilated area for at least 72 hours before you try to test them. Some items, although broken, may be able to be sold for parts.

Set Up Some Fans

Once the area has dried off sufficiently, you can restore power and begin setting up some fans in the area, which will help to accelerate the time it takes for the area to dry. Remember, don’t set up any fans in any areas where there’s still a significant amount of water, as this can be dangerous.

Start Hauling Out Trash

Sadly, you might find yourself with many belongings that are a total loss. It’s time to start hauling these items out to the curb. When you’re dealing with a flooded area, you want to minimize the amount of fabrics and anything that holds moisture. Take waterlogged furniture out of the room so that more air can circulate.

Begin Sanitizing

Most floodwater is filthy. While some floodwater may occasionally just be rainwater, most floodwater is the result of sewers backing up into your home. This means that it’s time to sanitize your floors, walls and ceilings. Even if you’re typically a fan of green and natural cleaners, this is definitely a job that calls for bleach. Bleach will kill the bacteria that could potentially cause health problems for you and your family. Just be careful and wear gloves, as bleach is highly corrosive.

Get The Opinion Of An Expert

It’s a good idea to have an expert come in and survey your home after you’re done with your cleanup. An expert will be able to tell you if there are any areas that pose a risk for black mold or other problems. Don’t just go with the first expert whose website tells you to “click here.” Instead, do your research and find someone with solid reviews. If it turns out that there are further complications, you can take action to prevent them from becoming more serious.

A flood can be devastating, but the most important thing is that you and your family are safe. Remember, just about every belonging can be replaced and water eventually dries. If you follow these steps, you can clean up the damage caused by a flood and get to work on restoring your home to its former glory.

The Benefits of Installing a Chain Link Fence

There are several things to consider when installing a fence around your home or business. The first thing you need to consider is the type of fence you want to install on your property. A chain link fence is popular among home and business owners, and you can hire a chain link fence Tampa company to install it for you. It is best to research a chain link fence to see if it is the right option for you. If you need a little help, here are several benefits of installing a chain link fence around your home or business.

Chain Link Is Affordable

Your budget plays a big part in the type of fence you choose to install. A chain link fence is perfect if you are on a tight budget or just looking to save some money.

Easy To Install

It is easier to install a chain link fence than other fences, but it is recommended to enlist in the help of a professional. A chain link fence does not take too long to install, and you can enjoy it without the stress of cleaning or painting it.

Little To No Maintenance

A chain link fence requires little to no maintenance, which is why you do not have to worry about cleaning or painting it. The metal on the fence is galvanized to protect it from rusting. It is also impossible for pests such as termites to damage the steel on the fence.

Withstands Extreme Weather

Chain link fencing is resistant against more than just rusting and pests. The strong steel also holds up against storms, snow and strong winds. You do not have to worry about the weather causing any damage or knocking your fence over.

You Can Change The Appearance

You do not have to stick with the traditional silver chain link fence. One option is to have it color-coated in colors such as black or green. You can choose the thickness of the material, or you can add wooden posts or rails to your fence. The entrance can range from a walk through ro a swinging gate in the front or on the side of the fence.

There are many benefits of installing a chain link fence around your property, from the low maintenance to the durable material. The best part is you can hire a professional to install it without going over your budget.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

If you are planning on a business that is dependent on commercial refrigeration, there are some important points to ponder before making the final selections on cooling equipment. You want to know that the decision you make now provides you with the quality and durability needed for business success.

Display or Storage Space

Determining the total space you need to either display cold merchandise, or store it for freshness will help lead you to a better commercial refrigeration purchasing decision. Consider specifics like available floor space and how large the desired unit will be. You will have to scale the size to fit the area.

Energy Efficiency

Most businesses operate to make money. Keeping energy efficiency at the top of the list will help you keep power bills down to an acceptable level. Make sure your new commercial refrigeration unit meets energy savings guidelines.

Design and Style

New commercial refrigerators are an investment that you want to last. There is nothing wrong in taking the time to ensure you are getting the design and style you want to represent your business. Every business has their own unique style and there are numerous makes and models. If you take your time, you are bound to find one that works much better than the rest.

Easy to Service

How hard will it be for the refrigeration unit to be serviced? If the area is cramped and maintenance will be a hindrance to activity, find a refrigerator that has easy-access for maintaining operation. Place it in an area that allows for enough room for a service technician to do what they need to do. Convenience and safety for customers is as important as having the equipment operating properly.

Maintenance Costs and Warranty

No matter how much you plan on the lasting power of your new refrigerator, there will come a day when a repair is necessary. How expensive are the parts and labor for the particular model you are wanting? Is anything covered by warranty? These are two things that can save you a lot of money when making the right choice.

Contact commercial refrigeration specialists like Sub Zero Repair Centers NYC for all of your commercial refrigerator repair NYC concerns right away!