How to Design a Luxury Bathroom at Low Cost

It is not a matter of size when it comes in making our ordinary bathroom a luxury space where we could relax and enjoy while using it. Sometimes, we just settle ourselves in having an ordinary hot and cold shower and a single mirror but if we want to make it even luxurious but has a lesser expenses, then some options will definitely be the best for us.

Step 1: Make an Illusion

If we are in a budget and could not afford a whole bathroom renovation, we can always put in some things that will make the room appear larger. If we have a plain wall, we can put head to foot mirror. This will create an illusion of a larger room thus increase the brightness of the room. Wall mirrors always impact the room giving it an illusion of a larger space but we should make sure that the mirror does not occupy too much floor space. The best way to make this illusion is to install the mirrors in the walls without frames.

Step 2: Repainting the Room

Repainting the room is also a good and cheap option. Pastel colors create a luxurious impression as well as larger space. We can also paint darker colors to get an even stunning design as well as luxurious feel however it is important that the lights will appear brighter and not too dark and gloomy. In some cases, we can also purchase wall papers if we aim to have printed features that will match the theme of the room but we should take note that wall papers on a bathroom is too hard to maintain its look.

Step 3: Keeping the Space Wide

Remove all unnecessary things. Things that we usually do not use in the bathroom should be removed. This is always the reason why some smaller size bathroom became even smaller. Bringing luxury in the bathroom is simple. We can replace the ordinary or plastic shower with stainless steel rain shower effect. We can also adore the place with small indoor plats or some scented candles in the corner. Replace some old toothbrush holders with glass holder or cup from a wholesale store. Instead of using the usual show curtain, just leave it open. Finally, remove your old curtains, if you happen to have windows, and cover the glass with different effects such as emboss, tainted and gloss.

3 Ways: How to Paint your Basement Area

Painting your old-looking basement is more than just making it look new and functioning. It’s more of protecting it from further damage due to moisture buildup. Eventually, moisture buildup behind the concrete wall of your basement can cause damage to structure and accumulation of mold among others.

Preparing the Walls of your Basement

If you’re repainting your walls, it’s essential to remove the lingering paint. You can utilize a sand paper by rubbing it unto the wall or just use wire brush. Failure to remove the remaining paint will make the newly-painted wall to produce air bubbles or crack up or chip off.


Painting the primer to the wall is a must. However, only use the primer for masonry and concrete because it will stick on longer than the usual primer. The primer for masonry and concrete offers permanence and protection on your wall. When you apply the primer, apply it generously. Keep it dry for 24 hours.


Decide on a water-resistant paint for concrete surfaces. It’s critical to choose the water-resistant paint because it will serve as armor against moisture for your basement. Also, it has alkali-resistant ability for durability. For the color, stores for paint and home improvement sell diverse colors.

It is easy, isn’t it? All you have to do is buy the right paints and colors that will harmonize with the décor and design of your basement. Also, learn not to conform to your neighbor’s color of their basement. Why not paint your walls with pink or orange?

What Furniture To Choose For Your Kitchen

Go for functionality and style. The kitchen is the place where you need to have good pieces of furniture. This is the part of the house where most of your family members, friends, neighbors, etc., meet, dine, talk and hang around. This is why you need to invest wisely on your kitchen that can truly serve its purposes.

Simple Dining Table

Nothing beats a simple dining table. A table set that is made of hardwood is long-lasting and it does need more accents. This piece can stand on its own, independent to the kitchen cabinets and shelves.  Depending on your space, you can buy the 6, 8 or 10-sitter table with the chairs and top it off with a simple table runner.

Cabinets On The Side

To have a fully functional kitchen, you can have the cabinets mounted on the wall to save some space.  And right below it is your kitchen top with drawers below it. These pieces are the mainstay of every kitchen room what you need to do now is to be creative to make your style different from your next door apartment.

Going over the basic stuff to buy for your kitchen is easy as long as you know what you need. However, if in the selection process, you can’t really decide which furniture to prioritize seeks the opinion of someone who is practical to see the things that you really need. Likewise, you can search the advice of the experts via online to help you choose wisely.

Where To Grab Paint Ideas For Boys Room

Paint ideas for your little boys’ room can be difficult because commonly they only love the shade of blue in shades of dark or light. But this should not stop your creative mind to think of a more suitable color for your boys’ room. You can actually consider paint combination and see which one works best.

Ask Suggestions From Your Kid

Initially, you can ask your kid of his second best color choice, assuming he loves the color blue. His suggestions may work or it can be secondary color paint.  From the two or three colors that you have, you can begin laying it out to visualize the effects.

Internet and Blog Sites

Least you disregard the internet sites; this is where you can get lots of ideas plus a chance to chat with the experts regarding your concerns. Most home and decoration have gone intuitive today, and some may have instant chat in their platform to address your queries right away. When you have more than enough suggestions, the implementation part of your plan is less likely to be difficult.

The ideas of repainting your boy’s room can overwhelm you as your kids won’t approve on the colors and hate their rooms forever. This calls for your creative mind and the inputs of the experts to make their rooms as playful as ever. You can always talk to the trained people to help you out over the net or in some showrooms; just make sure you’ve included your kid’s favorite color in it.

How To Make The Beach House of Your Dream A Wow

Beach houses certainly are haven during summer break. This is the place where family and friends spend the entire day under the sun, swimming, and trying to get the perfect summer color. In most beach houses, the paints are light and lively, to complement the aura and the environment in the beach. If you are looking for the best paint ideas for your beach house, you don’t need to look further, start your search in the internet and see the latest color combination.

Check Out The Latest Works From The Masters

For you to get the latest paint ideas for a beach house, it is wise to see the works of the pros in this field. Most of their works are published in the social media sites, so this would not eat up most of your time. However, their works can sometimes overwhelm you because the designs are majestic.

Subtle Color Combination Works Best

The color combination can make a huge difference in your beach house. On the safe side, you can perhaps pick the colors, light, blue and yellow to have a likeable effect. But you can be bold as well depending on your gut-feel. For instance, you can combine the color orange, yellow and lavender to have a sort of screaming beach house effect.

In making your beach house stand out from the rest; it is best to consult the experts in this field. It is not practical to change paint often so make sure you have the right paint ideas for your beach house, ready for this summer season to come.